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Press + Forge was established in 1993 with the intention of servicing the pressing and allied industries. Over the years, in line with the changing face of British manufacturing we have diversified in to other areas of sheet metal working, these include; Nobag Nobs Engineering AG Slitting Lines and Tooling, Fimi S.p.a Slitting and Cut to Length Lines. Silac Industries produce a range of technical felt materials that are used on the tension stands of slitting lines to improve the recoiling quality. Imess Measuring Systems, offer measuring equipment for all aspect of Slitting and Cut To Length lines. However, we still cover the original area where we began; Mechanical and Hydraulic Presses, Strip and Blank Lubrication, ARKU Maschinenbau GmbH Decoilers/ Levellers and Servo Roll Feeds, Precision Levellers, Pre-Pierce and De-burring Machines. Quick Die Change SMED and Die Clamping Equipment. Pneumatic shaker/conveyors for general manufacturing.

FIMI S.p.a Cut to Length, Blanking, Slitting and Inspection Lines

RB PF-SW Roller Lubricator

Raziol GmbH Spray and Roller Lubrication Systems and Lubricants

NOBAG AG Slitting Lines, Munitions Presses and Special Purpose Machine Design and Manufacture

 Guthle SWT Quick Die Change and  Hydraulic Clamping

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Tel: 0044 (0) 121 354 7943

ARKU Maschinenbau precision parts levellers, decoilers, pre-pierce and deburring machines

Mectool AB TP 70 pneumatic shaker

Imess GmbH SQ – sheet measurement table

Measuring a tailored blank

SILAC INDUSTRIES Manufacture technical felt materials that are used on the tension stands slitting line to improve the recoiling quality of the  of slit strip. They use a patented method of retaining the felt pads for improved performance.