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ARKU Maschinenbau GmbH manufactures decoilers, servo roll feeders and levellers, which are used with presses and also for roll forming lines they also produce pre-punch stations for roll forming lines. On the right is a picture of a short form decoiler and feeder/leveller. These are often used where space is at a premium and do not require a looping pit, saving investment in both floor space and foundations. Their other main products are precision leveller whether for coil fed applications or parts levelling. The picture on the left shows a precision parts leveller with part rotation and reverse feed, in this machine even a circular blank can be accurately levelled in a single operation.  The parts levellers are hydraulically actuated and continuously monitor the levelling load, preventing overload. The pre-punch stations are built to customer’s requirements and can have programmable punch positioning in the ‘Y’ axes. The latest innovation from ARKU is range of deburring machines, which even though they are relatively new to the market have proved successful

Double decoiler, leveller with strip end butt welder to facilitate continuous operation