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NOBAG Nobs Engineering AG is a Swiss design and manufacturer company founded in the 1920’s. Nobs originally started by manufacturing precision slitting lines and pictured on the left is a typical customer specific line. Their range also now includes standard slitting lines, the Compact and Ergo. These are both modular and can be supplied with many variations to suit customer requirements.  They also manufacture munitions presses, both cupping and drawing. They originally manufactured cold flow presses for medium calibre shell cases, but more recently they have been producing high speed small calibre munitions presses, typically used for NATO rounds. Nobag have a strong design capability and in recent years have undertaken a lot of special purpose machine design and manufacture. The picture on the left shows one of the many special purpose machines designed and manufactured by Nobag.



     Special purpose machine designed and                manufactured by Nobag.

     Customised slitting line with Sliptech drum.

           Small calibre munitions casing press.

                Ergo standard slitting line.

  Compact modular slitting line

The Compact slitter slitting head