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FIMI Spa was founded in Barzanò (Lecco – Italy) in 1963 by the two brothers Vittorio and Pompeo Rovelli, who were eager to follow in their father Emilio’s footsteps, and run a small workshop. In 1964 the Company moved the head-offices to its present site in Viganò (Lecco – Italy) where it swiftly outgrew the “small workshop” concept to become a leading company specialised in manufacturing metal coil processing and finishing lines. Nowadays FIMI is a recognised worldwide leader in the design and manufacturing of coil processing and finishing lines, with about 800 installations of complete lines and single machines. The main product areas are Cut To Length lines from Light through Medium to Heavy gauge. At FIMI Light Gauge is extended to aluminium, stainless and carbon steels from 0.12mm up to 4 mm: Within this limit Automotive carbon steel is processed with an increasing demand for high strength properties of the material. Heavy gauge Cut To Length is up to 25 mm thick carbon steel. Slitting lines for aluminium, copper, brass, stainless steel and carbon steel. Line speeds up to 700 m/min and carbon steel up to 16 mm thick  with a maximum ingoing coil weight of 45 tonnes. Recoiling lines are mainly designed to accomplish edge trimming of metal strips producing easy to handle "baby coils" as a follow on operation to splitting of the "mother coils". Inspection lines are used mainly for Automotive materials and allow inspection of both top and bottom face. Fimi Spa also produce coil packing lines.