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Camera Measurement of strip width at the Beginning and End of coils while the line is stationary, high measurement accuracy +/- 0.01 mm

Imess GmbH offer a range of innovative optical measuring systems, that are used mainly in the sheet metal processing industries. Slit width measurement, camber (edge bow) measurement, both measuring table and a portable unit for online measuring. Rectangularity measurement



S4 – sheet geometry in cut-to-length lines

Suitable for long sheets

SQ Measurment table measuring a tailored blank

Plot results from SQ Measurement Table

S 25 Slitter knife crack and chip detection. Fast, (10 Secs. each 360°)

Fast (10 Secs. each 360°)

Camber (edge bow)measurement plate (SMP)

The sheet is placed against two reference pins. Measurement results are shown by a digital display showing three digits after the comma. Basic length 1000 mm; alternatively 2000 mm

Portable Camber (edge bow) measurement plate (SMP)

Material thickness measurement, measuring using laser mounted on a traversing C frame

Highly accurate +/- 0.01 mm  

Burr height measurement machine with an accuracy of  +/- 0.002 mm